Welcome to Arkansas Pediatric Facility!! We are committed to providing the best care possible to help your loved one develop to their fullest potential. Please feel free to express your concerns about any aspect of care. The following is a list of our administrative staff:

Dr. Valeria Malak Medical Director
Dr. Chad Rodgers Pediatrician
Laura Sink Administrator
Michelle Hansard Asst. Administrator
Teri Loven Asst. Administrator/Social Worker
Jan Maness Director of Nursing
Belinda Camp Nutrition Manager
Damiyan Watson Resident’s Serv. Coord.
Christy Gardner Environmental Director
Earle Mantooth Maintenance Sup.
Bethany Rea Human Resources

Your input is valued and every effort will be made to address your concerns. Please feel free to call (501)945-3177 at any time to check on the status of your child.



  1. Relatives are encouraged to visit. All visitors will be allowed to visit unless the parents/guardians restrict that individual.
  2. During regular visiting hours, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, visitors should sign in at the reception area. Badges are provided for all visitors.
  3. Outside normal working hours (after 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, weekends and holidays) visitors should enter through the east entrance. (this entrance will be locked and all visitors should ring the bell for admittance. Only APF staff should have the access code) Visitors should sign in at the Nurses’ station.
  4. APF requests that if a resident is asleep or ill, that the parent/guardian conduct their visit accordingly.
  5. APF provides a Family Room for your comfort and privacy. We ask that you not enter the kitchen area, nurses station, or bathing areas when other residents are receiving personal care.
  6. Please keep your children in the Family Room when you visit to reduce the exposure of both visitors and residents to communicable diseases. Please do not allow them to be in the halls and resident rooms unattended.


  1. Visits home for our residents are always encouraged! It will expedite your check-out time and you will be assured that enough medication is available if you will give us 24 hours notice before your scheduled departure time. This also will give you opportunity to check on your child’s health status prior to the LOA. This is particularly helpful during holiday seasons.
  2.  Please remember that the residents cannot be out of the facility for extended visits (more than 14 consecutive nights). If you would like for your child to go on a home visit for a prolonged period, you will need to call first to ensure the client does not have any previously scheduled medical appointments.
  3. Only the child’s parent/guardian will be allowed to check him/her out of the facility for a LOA visit. Other family or friends must have specific permission from the child’s parent/guardian to check the client out of the facility. You may add names of people allowed to sign your child out, by contacting the Social worker prior to the time of the home visit.


  1. Please remember to sign the Visitation Book when you arrive.
  2. Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco is not allowed on APF premises.
  3. Please remember to use good hand washing techniques with your loved one. This will assist us with our efforts to prevent infections.
  4. Please do not send flowers or balloons to your loved one. We appreciate your concern but several of our residents are highly allergic to flowers and just being near them could cause severe respiratory problems. Balloons are not allowed because of risk associated with chewing on them. We are always happy to shop for your resident for birthdays or special occasions. Please call Social Services with your requests. Please do not visit if you or someone in your family is ill. Our residents are extremely susceptible to illnesses and we need to protect them.
  5. Please ask for assistance when transferring your child. Residents are transported from one area of the building to another in a wheelchair or other piece of equipment.
  6. If you have questions or concerns about the status of your child, please ask to see the Charge Nurse or the Supervisor on duty. They should be able to address your concerns and if not, can direct you to the person with whom you need to speak.